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The award of Winbon Schoeller Scholarship


In order to cultivate a group of interdisciplinary talents with high professional skill and strong innovation ability, Winbon Schoeller has set up "Winbon Schoeller Scholarship" from 2021.

On the afternoon of November 1, 2021, we held the awarding ceremony of "Winbon Schoeller Scholarship" for our graduates staff of 2021 separately in LY2 and WTC. Frank, VMM of WTC and Chen Haoguang, MM of LY2, attended the event and presented awards and scholarships to the three staff respectively, and sent blessings to them.

Great company makes great employees,which is a perfect stage to develop your talents and let you realize yourself-worth. We hope you can get achievements and trust in team, and also love the future.

Excellent employees creates excellent company. The achievements and development of our company come from your working. In your future work, we hope you can hold your original ideal, attitude, and try your best to use your talents.

We are looking forward to witnessing your growth and success.